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Many companies today have chosen to forego telemarketing in exchange for exclusively online marketing, but the home improvement professionals from Pacific Home Remodeling still prefer the traditional method of getting in touch with their clientele. They want to explain why telemarketing is so important in helping them connect with their Southern California community and how it benefits you as well.

First and foremost, the remodeling professionals use telemarketing as a more personal means of introducing themselves. Not only do they enjoy talking on the phone and getting to know homeowners in the area, but they also feel as though personal introductions are important for making connections built on trust. Home improvement projects, such as installations of solar panel systems, are considerable investments and as such, you’ll want to know if you can really trust the contractors you’ve chosen to complete the job.

Door-to-door marketing is another go-to form of introduction that Pacific Home Remodeling relies on. While it builds product and company awareness for them, it also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about their products and services. These face-to-face exchanges facilitate a more thorough understanding of the home insulation, roofing systems, and energy efficient options offered by the company.

Finally, Pacific Home Remodeling believes their customers deserve more time and attention than mailers and an online presence alone. Putting the focus on the customer, instead of convenience, is what sets them apart from the competition. Plus, as an energy-conscious company, they prefer not to waste paper by sending mailings.

Pacific Home Remodeling takes a customer-centered approach on everything they do, which is what has helped them achieve a ranking of #24 in the entire nation and in the Top 20 for 5- consecutive years for pair pricing and customer service for residential remodeling. To speak directly with someone from the home improvement company now, call (800) 392-4448, or visit the website to read through testimonials from their satisfied customers.