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Painting the exterior of a home is an upgrade that can make a huge difference in curb appeal. A new color and accents can make any home feel brand new. It’s important to take the proper steps before home painting to ensure your job keeps its vibrancy and color for years to come. The home improvement experts at Pacific Home Remodeling share their advice on four things to consider before painting your home’s exterior.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: It’s easy for homeowners to neglect the condition of their home’s paint in lieu of focusing on landscaping or other cosmetic projects. Check your home’s exterior in the spring to look for any chipping or peeling paint, wood condition, and splitting caulk. Any damage in these areas could mean it’s time to repaint. Waiting to do so can lead to rotted boards, moisture in walls, and other issues in and out of the home.

Reconsider DIY: Even for the most experienced DIY aficionados, painting a home or adding an exterior coating is a difficult task. It’s labor and time intensive, requires a lot of specialty equipment, and can be potentially dangerous. Unless you have experience and a few friends with equal experience to help, paying professionals to do the job will be worth your investment.

Know the Cost of Color: When choosing a color for home painting, consider coordinating the color of the accents on your home that will not change, like brick or a roof. When you have color options, paint a few spots on your home to see how the color dries and looks in the sunlight. Most importantly, if you decide to go with a new color altogether, plan on two coats, which means twice the time and price.

Check for Lead: If you have an older or historic home, it’s crucial to check for lead in paint. Homeowners can test this with a lead test kit available at most home improvement stores. If you discover lead, you must find a company with lead paint removal services. It’s against code to work on it yourself. Most home painting companies don’t advertise this, so it may take a bit of research.

If you’re looking for a quality home painting service in the San Diego area, look no further than Pacific Home Remodeling. Their service has been recognized as one of the best, not only in Southern California but across the nation since 1999. Call (800) 392-4448, or visit the website to set up a consultation and see how they can help.