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Why Home Improvement Pros Use Telemarketing to Reach Customers

Pacific Home Remodeling
Many companies today have chosen to forego telemarketing in exchange for exclusively online marketing, but the home improvement professionals from Pacific Home Remodeling still prefer the traditional method of getting in touch with their clientele. They want to explain why telemarketing is so important in helping them connect with their... 

Summer Home Improvement: Go Green With Pacific Home Remodeling

Solar Panels - Pacific Home Remodeling
Going green has many benefits, both for homeowners and the environment. When we choose more energy-efficient technology, we reduce our impact on the planet and also lower our energy costs. Southern California’s home improvement experts at Pacific Home Remodeling have the energy-efficient solutions to help your property go green this... 

4 Things to Know Before Home Painting

Pacific Home Remodeling
Painting the exterior of a home is an upgrade that can make a huge difference in curb appeal. A new color and accents can make any home feel brand new. It’s important to take the proper steps before home painting to ensure your job keeps its vibrancy and color for... 

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